Our expertise is in not only residential spaces, but in commercial spaces as well. We design and build beautiful office solutions to fit the needs of the modern workspace and technologically equip you to achieve maximum productivity.


Conducting team meetings and collaborating with work associates has never been easier with today’s modern technology. We build your conference room or boardroom according to the needs of the modern work environment, which includes video conferencing, high definition audio and video systems, crystal clear microphones, advanced telephone and intercom systems, ergonomic office chairs, and high tech conference tables. Our solutions ensure that meetings are carried through seamlessly without any hiccups, disruptions, interruptions, or signal loss. Imagine you are about to close a sales deal with a potential client virtually and all of a sudden your live conference call becomes disconnect due to signal loss. Using the biggest brand names and quality products such as Lutron, Crestron, Cisco, and Barco, we are able to deliver reliable and sustainable solutions for meeting rooms, boardrooms, and huddle rooms.


It has become a well known fact that lighting has become an increasingly more important factor in the productivity of the workplace. Our energy efficient light fixtures and advanced lighting controls ensure that you maximize energy efficiency and create the perfect lighting ambiance in the office. Perfecting the lighting in your office is our expertise including setting the right tone, saturation, and even timing of lighting. We use occupancy and motion sensors along with dimmers to make sure the right amount of light is being emitted at the right time in the right place. Along with the artificial lighting systems, we also maximize productivity in the office by regulating natural light by using smart blinds, shades, shutters, and drapes to create the perfect tone and mood.


A strong and advanced security and surveillance system is essential to create a safe work environment and maintain employee safety as the top priority. Similar to residential spaces, it is not enough in today’s technological world to just rely on traditional keys to secure your workspace. We work with advanced access control systems like electronic doors locks, door strikes, alarm systems, fire protection equipment, camera surveillance, and motion and occupancy sensors to implement security in office spaces. With so much new technology available it is essential to utilize these systems to secure your work premises, work documents, and most importantly, your employees.